Week 24 You’ve earned your Wings – Now fly, Fly, Fly, FLY, FLY, FLY, and FLY!

Over the last six months we have all come to class on Sunday ready and willing to sit at the Masters feet to gain wisdom and understanding of the Laws and keys of life and nature which we would put into practice during the week and weeks following. The exercises were sometimes tedious, time consuming, challenging,  but, did I say they were all rewarding. One must do the work to see the results. The work cannot be done in a halfhearted manner or the results will not be forthcoming. I am sure sometimes we felt it was just too much work. Oops let me  speak for my myself, yes it seemed a lot at times. Why do I have to read Og Mandino, Greatest Salesman three times a day and Hannel’s Master Key System each day, why do I have to be still for 20 minutes each day, not forgetting Emmet Fox Mental Diet, the Laws of the Mind, the movies, no negative thoughts please, no opinions please, be the observer, etc., etc., etc. Yes it was , but……. We made it and now we are ready for takeoff to our special destinations as we stated in our DMP’s,  Definite Major Purpose. Some of us maybe asking the million dollar question, are we ready? Can we fly? Yes you can. And Now……..
We are at the gate. We are ready for the last bit of instructions prior to pulling away from the gate and taxiing down the runway. Our hearts are probably pounding in anticipation but we are equipped. We are enthusiastic and passionate about our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) coming to life more than ever before without any limitations. As the song says “if I can see then I can do it, if I just believe it there is nothing to it”, you have all heard the song there is nothing to it because we have all the necessary trainings under our belt. We have practiced many hours.

To my fellow MKMMA counterparts I wish each of you God’s speed and traveling mercies, success and much love as you continue on to your various destinations.

I must express gratitude to my friend and fellow MKMMA member Phil Cheatwood for insisting that I apply for this incredible pay it forward scholarship.

A great big thank you to Mark and his fabulous wife, Davene for answering their call, putting this course together so meticulously in order that they could assist us in fulfilling our destiny. Thank you to the other trainers and guides, who worked tirelessly to show us without influencing us that we were capable of writing a passionate and powerful Definite Major Purpose (DMP) which we will later bring to life. A special thank you to my guide Justin Leader.
Yes, we have earned our wings, wheels up, you are next in line for take-off.


Week 23 Finish Strong

Six months ago we all embarked on a journey. The journey called Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA). We looked at a couple videos and made the decision that we wanted to be part of this experience, what is interesting is we all started at what I will call different stages of growth in our lives but we knew we all wanted a better outcome than what we were experiencing in our personal and professional life. Each week we were given assignments to assist us to grow and become better thinkers and be self-directed. It was a progression which at times we may not have understood but we continued to follow the leaders knowing our futures were on the line. Some of us were met with roadblocks, forks in the road, detours but we were given tools so we made a way in order to get to the finish line, you know the line where the athletes throw their hands in the air signifying to themselves and the world I made it. Each of us runs our own race as we all have different aspirations but ……. sometimes we stumble close to the finish line; sometimes we fall and need assistance. Yes, we do and others who connect with us feel it and reach out. About three weeks ago I felt the challenges of work getting the best of me with not much energy to complete my MKMMA blogging assignments, it was not a great feeling I realize that it was necessary to speak with someone. I was at work when this thought crossed my mind I must reach out to my guide when I get home. Just before leaving work I received an email from my guide who was holding me in his thoughts. That’s a great connection, thank you Justin. We connected via telephone three days later and after our conversation just as he did in the email he urged me to finish strong. I have heard that statement many times before but this time it is different. I heard it from the fabulous Davene again this past Sunday when she urged us all to finish strong, Mark for the last couple of weeks has said the same thing. In urging us to finish strong I believe they know what’s ahead, they also understand most people as classes come to a close tend to relax. I recognize that it has been a progression, a buildup if you will and to relax now would be counterproductive. My determination and faith in a power greater than myself is giving me the strength to get to the finish line.

finishstrong              As I write I am reminded of the song “nobody told me the road will be easy but I can’t believe he brought me this far to leave me”. I wonder which one of us can say that it was easy, we each had our struggles and hurdles to climb but we know we have been prepared. Even the Master in 1 Corinthians 9:24 urges us to run the race.

In telling us to finish strong we are urged to go the extra mile become the hero of our own journey, continue being the observer, do the sit-in each day, read the Master key lessons daily, read Og Mandino’s The Greatest Miracle in the World, remember you are nature’s greatest miracle, use the Law of Least Effort and all the others too numerous to mention here.

In closing my fellow MKMMA classmates I wish you all much success as you near the finish line, stay focused and finish strong. We were given the tools, we invested our time and energy in creating our Definite Major purpose, remember the world is waiting for our service.

Week 17HJ Just Sharing

Recently, during one of my sit-in I was given the green light to share a very personal experience. Before I share I must apologize to Mark, Davene, Trish, Derek and the guides all of whom have willingly given of their time and poured their hearts into making this experience possible for us to grow spiritually, personally and professionally. I must also extend my apologies to my fellow master mind alliance members for not keeping my word as it relates to blogging in a timely fashion. Yes, I understand it is a requirement which I must honor. Yes, I know the importance of sharing whether through the blogs or through the alliance area but I was experiencing something which I felt was personal and I could not write about it in any of the areas we are required to share. The question may have arisen as to what planet is she on, should we have her see a psychologist, a therapist, a coach? As I continued to wrestle with these feelings and emotions I knew the answer would come so I prayed and continued to do my readings and sit-in. Can I tell you that I wrote the blogs but chose not to post them as they were in my opinion substandard?
It started just before Christmas. What is it? A feeling, yes a feeling I could not shake and a feeling I could not explain. I felt heaviness in my spirit. The more I questioned what it was, the more questions arose. I did not share and felt I could not share with anyone. I continued to go through the motions of everyday activities. Have you ever been around people, family friends and felt alone, notice I did not say lonely but alone? I smiled and chatted during the holidays one would not have even questioned as to whether I was facing any challenges. You know what I mean when you smile and laugh but deep down on the inside you are questioning yourself, how long? What is it? I must note here that I was not sad or depressed and no it was not the weather either, it is a time of year that I truly enjoy. I wonder how many of you are going through something at the moment that you believe you cannot share for one reason or other.  Maybe you are wondering how you would explain the feeling. May I suggest just sit with it?  What is in the dark always comes to light.
I did all the things I knew to lift my spirit out of this unexplained feeling, I prayed, I sang praise and worship, chatted with friends as normal not stating anything about my feelings, I attended church services, that ought to take care of it. I continued reading Og Mandino’s Scroll III where we focused on persistence. I knew the answer will come and it did.  I will choose to call the experience spiritual growth where one is equipped for the next step on the journey called life.
The answer or relief came in the middle of January. it could have been the readings, the sits, a combination of it all.  Gradually I began feeling different. The heaviness was now lifted and I experienced peaceful happiness. It is ironic in that a few days later my aunt made her transition. Maybe I was being prepared for this season of my life as I had to be strong for the younger ones. I may never know the true reason for that heaviness but I am now enjoying that feeling of peaceful happiness.

Week 17 Lessons I learned in celebration of a life well lived

On January 23, 2015 my family celebrated the end of my aunt’s earthly journey. I was given the assignment of eulogizing my aunt. This assignment proved very eye opening for me as it relates to my own life and that of accomplishing my dreams and goals stated in my DMP, Definite Major Purpose.
In preparation to write the eulogy I asked my siblings and cousins to email me anything they remembered about our aunt. We all noted more or less the same things. We all had a very close relationship with my aunt. She did not birth any children but we can all say she was our 2nd mother.
As I wrote the eulogy the first thing that came to mind was my aunt “did not let the miracle that produced her end at her birth. “ She was entrepreneurial at heart, after retiring as a head nurse at a medical institution she started her own facility following her passion that of caring for the elderly. Her legacy continues as Veronica’s Caring Facility. I know there were challenges she endured when she first started her business or even as she continued in business but she may have said the words of Og Mandino, “The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to me know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal. Failure I may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner. Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult. I will persist until I succeed.
She lived life in service to humanity until the end whether it was caring for the elderly or making candles and floral arrangements for the Sunday services at church.
She was determined and focused and did not let anything get in the way of achieving her dreams and goals. Prior to my relocating to the United States twenty seven years ago my aunt shared with me the need for a group in the church to assist in the community and thus was born, the group “Friends of St Paul’s which will celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. She was also the brainchild behind the annual prayer breakfast hosted by the group which will host its 24th prayer breakfast later this year. A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend the breakfast and was in awe as to the hundreds in attendance not including those who were unable to attend and chose to collect their breakfast.

In MKMMA we are told every week give more get more. I believe this was her mantra, if she was not giving to the community; she was giving to her family. When her sister, my mother was ill she was there assisting us in any way she could. When her brother was ill in the Bahamas both she and her sister traveled to Freeport, Bahamas to take care of him. Yes, there were also fun gatherings like my sister’s wedding in Virginia she was there to make the floral arrangements and decorations. As we were cleaning up my aunt’s house I realized that she received just as much or more than she gave.
Since my return from Trinidad I have been asking myself the million dollar question what is my legacy? The question has elicited many emotions for me over the last month. At the end of the eulogy I urged those in attendance to honor her memory by being of service. I must set the example and I believe the best way I can honor her memory is having my own dream come to life and be of service to humanity. I am thankful to MKMMA for giving me the necessary tools to complete my assignment.

Week 16 Does Kindness Equal Happiness?

This past week in Master key Mastermind Alliance we turned our attention to kindness. What is kindness? Merriam Webster dictionary describes kindness as a kind deed that is a favor. I have always practiced kindness to one degree or other but it was different this week. Why was it different? What made the difference? Was it harmony? Was it the energy of the group as a whole, all the master key members on one accord? Was it my thinking? What is the difference between giving kindness and receiving kindness?
I have to conclude it was my focusing on the random acts of kindness that made the difference for me. I was not doing the acts of kindness in a rote manner as I normally would, but I chose to be present throughout the days we focused on kindness. As the days wore on I recognize that I was feeling happier. What did you say? You were happy because you assisted someone. Yes, the act made me feel happy, were you paid? No, no one paid me. I was happy just knowing that I made someone happy, I made someone smile. During this week of kindness I learned a very important lesson. What’s the lesson? There is no point in multitasking because it precludes one from learning valuable lessons about themselves and others. Always be present.
Some individuals at work commented that the activities I performed that week they would not have undertaken, but I know better. The individuals did not know that it was the week we were focusing on kindness. Was I strengthened by the activities? Was I exhausted at the end of the activities? Did I learn something I did not already know? Yes, I left work tired. Yes, I had to learn new skills but I am now wiser. I realize now that I am also being prepared to step into some places that I have never been and this week certainly was great preparation.
Kindness can be expressed in many ways but two that anyone can participate in are:
1. A smile.
2. Compliment someone.

Be kind one to another.