Week 12 Adjusting the sails

                              2015                                      It is 2 days away from the completion of the next step I must attain in order to stay abreast of the 2015 deadlines stated in my DMP.  Normally when a deadline is looming and it seems I would not make it I would be upset, a tad angry and call myself names, not this time. I have grown in the last three months and the critical question I choose to ask myself is what one thing can I do right now to stay the course and achieve my goals?

             The first thing that comes to mind is, ” I will persist and develop my skills as the mariner develops his, by learning to ride out the wrath of each storm.”  This week I found comfort in those words because I know when the mariner is out at sea he cannot give up but must continue riding out the storm or he would never make it to his destination. In moving the date three months out means I am resetting the sail giving me the opportunity to learn additional skills knowing that when the time comes I will be better equipped to handle any situation.

             Having made this adjustment, as I continue on this journey towards my destination, faith believing, I understand that there may be times when I would have to make even further adjustments much like the mariner who has to adjust his sails. The winds at times may be favorable and yet there are times it maybe unfavorable but in the words of the great Jim Rohn, “ The same wind blows on us all. The economic wind, the social wind, the political wind. The same wind blows on everybody. The difference in where you arrive in one year, three years, five years, the difference in arrival is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail.”

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance continues to give me the necessary tools for my journey. When the wind changes and it does I must always remember to thank Markj, his fabulous wife Davene, the rest of the team and the guides for putting together this course where we learn the importance of our thoughts, (thoughts can make us or break us), giving and receiving, having no opinions, gratitude just to name a few.  A special thank you to Markj for heeding the call on his life to assist us in setting and resetting our sail.

Week 11 Gentle Reminders

This is a test. Your attention please. This is a test. This is only a test. These simple yet powerful words are usually spoken when the fire alarm system is tested at work. These tests I believe occur far too frequently. Oops, my apologies, no opinions please.
It’s week 11 of the Master Key Master Mind Experience and one would think that if I am at almost the half way point life should not present all these tests or challenges as I prefer to call them. I now understand that going through the Mastermind experience does not preclude me from the tests but equips me so I am better able to pass the tests. It seems as though life wants to ensure that I am learning the lessons so I can move to the next level.

This week life demanded that I remember and embrace the following lessons:

• Be aware
• Be more aware
• Be still and know
• Be persistent
• Be creative
• Be happy
• Be positive
• Be consistent
• Believe
• Forgive
• Have faith
• Watch your thoughts, no negative thoughts please

And the greatest and most difficult lesson of them all was, learn to say no. There is power in the word no. The word no can save your life. It saved my life this week.

Be blessed.

Week 10 The Challenge I created

In Oprah’s Lifeclass where she interviews Maya Angelou, the author and teacher answers one of Oprah’s questions with the words “when you know better, you do better.” These simple words I have always heard as a child but this week I threw those words out the window and had a major setback. It is totally amazing that I allowed myself to be caught up in a food situation and I have always been one to show unbelievable restraint as it relates to food intake.
It was three days before Thanksgiving and I chose to eat cake not one but 2 cupcakes, not a problem for most but my body told me years ago it did not appreciate refined sugar and I believed my body. I even consumed two slices of bread the weekend prior. I am still not sure why I did it, guess I wanted to test myself. The test proved disastrous and my body said hello infection. This time it was even worse than I have ever known the reaction to be. It was at this time that I had to say I know better. This simple wrongdoing affected my meditation and my ability to focus. My head felt clogged as in when an individual has a cold. Was there an underlying reason for eating the cake and bread? Yes I had a challenge and rather than working it out I allowed my old blueprint to step in, forgetting the lesson of cause and effect. Thank goodness I am in MKMMA where we are replacing the old blueprint. The lesson could also be called disobedience as I am aware of what I can tolerate and went against the grain of what is best for my body.
Have you ever felt that you have made ten steps forward? And only by your own actions/wrongdoing you were now five steps behind. Why five steps behind? I had so much pain in my body that I could not stay alert at night to complete my readings. My meditations proved useless as I could not focus. Yes, I did force myself to read twice per day but I did not feel the difference like I usually do. At the end of this week I believe I am now at week 2 in MKMMA. Did I step back five steps or was it 8 steps. Can I move forward at this point? Yes, because I can do what I will to do and I will persist until I succeed.
A few days ago notwithstanding I had completed reading Scroll II over 90 times. (Scroll II, Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World), where he states “For when I do I will zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. Never will I overindulge the requests of my flesh; rather I will cherish my body with cleanliness and moderation.
Could it be that I read but it did not get into my subconscious? What is moderation? Webster defines moderation as neither too much nor too little. Did I inspect everything that went into my body that week whether through my mind, my soul and my body? May I add that what in some people’s opinion maybe too little for some of us could be dangerous for others. Yes, some eat bread every day and have no reaction; some eat cake and have no reaction but some foods are poisonous for some. It is clear that we are each different and must rely on the God within to direct us in all areas of our lives.
In closing I recognize that the setback was my doing and I must learn from the mistake, not beat up on myself yet understand that it could have been worse health wise therefore I must not repeat that lesson. I now know better and therefore must do better. I must allow Scroll II to seep into my being and then I can say the words of Scroll III, I will persist until I succeed.

Week 9 I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Patricia blog

Haanel’s Master Key, part 9 is very profound but more specifically the scientific statement “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  These words have become my new mantra.  It really took two days for me to become comfortable with all the words.  The word “perfect” was a challenge for me. Yes, I could say the other words “I am whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” but because I was taught that there was only one person who is perfect that is Jesus, the Christ I had difficulty saying that I was perfect.  How could I say I was perfect?

I embraced the challenge since I knew in my being there was something deeper for me to learn. Nevertheless I kept repeating the words and the more I said the words whether out loud or silently I realize that these powerful words were transforming my mind and my body.  I was walking taller and felt more confident.  In the middle of the night or when I rise in the morning these powerful words were on my lips and my heart.  I will continue to affirm these words for the rest of my life and share with everyone.

Thank you Frederick Andrews for sharing your insight with Haanel and a big thank you to Haanel  as well for including this scientific truth in this chapter  to assist all of us in transforming our lives.