Week 11 Gentle Reminders

This is a test. Your attention please. This is a test. This is only a test. These simple yet powerful words are usually spoken when the fire alarm system is tested at work. These tests I believe occur far too frequently. Oops, my apologies, no opinions please.
It’s week 11 of the Master Key Master Mind Experience and one would think that if I am at almost the half way point life should not present all these tests or challenges as I prefer to call them. I now understand that going through the Mastermind experience does not preclude me from the tests but equips me so I am better able to pass the tests. It seems as though life wants to ensure that I am learning the lessons so I can move to the next level.

This week life demanded that I remember and embrace the following lessons:

• Be aware
• Be more aware
• Be still and know
• Be persistent
• Be creative
• Be happy
• Be positive
• Be consistent
• Believe
• Forgive
• Have faith
• Watch your thoughts, no negative thoughts please

And the greatest and most difficult lesson of them all was, learn to say no. There is power in the word no. The word no can save your life. It saved my life this week.

Be blessed.

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4 thoughts on “Week 11 Gentle Reminders

  1. Your message made me give more thought as to my expectations with this journey. Our journey is not to make our future lives obstacle free, but to prepare us to handle the obstacles we will face. Nice post!

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