Week 1 Lessons I did not learn the first time

A few years ago one of my teachers told me if I did not get the lesson I would have to repeat the class.  Sometimes I wonder if I took that statement to heart as this week I found myself re-learning the very things I read years ago. Could it be that I just read it and did not understand or did I read just because the books were recommended. Our readings were written simple enough that I should have gleaned something from it years ago, maybe I did, but this week I realize in reading I was now older wiser and because I had to speak somethings out loud and repeat them like we did when we first learn our ABC’s (hahaha) I can surely  say I have a better understanding and it is now in my subconscious as well as a part of my DNA.

Some of the basic lessons were learned this week:

1. Believe.   If one does not believe in their heart that one is capable of completing the assignments, sitting still for 15 minutes or reading then I realize all the goals and dreams will not be achieved.  In other words do the small stuff to master the big stuff.

2. Write it down.     Ouch, yes, if it is in your head with all the other things mulling around it will not get done. The song says if I can see it then I can believe it.  Maybe if we can see it on paper then in our minds eye then we will believe and it will happen.   The bible written over 2000 years ago says “write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it”.  Have you scheduled your success?  If it is not scheduled it will not get done. Scheduling the dream brings one closer to success and victory.

3. Uncomfortable.  Have you ever been uncomfortable with your own dream?  This week I realize that I was uncomfortable with my big vision, my big dream which God gave me eighteen summers ago, why? Maybe I had become dis-eased not at ease with success, maybe I believe I am not capable. I had to remind myself that I was now learning and in some instances re-learning the necessary skills to become a success and God will not give you a dream if he did not think you were capable of birthing.

4. Discomfort. Wow.  Have you ever felt discomfort? Webster defines discomfort as mental or physical uneasiness.  Yes, I have experienced discomfort like never before.  On Wednesday morning while reading The Scroll 1, the midway point my body starts to vibrate getting louder the book falls out of my hand, I quickly stand up.  Was it my heart? See it started in the solar plexus area and moved up. I sat again for a while until I felt better. The feeling went away, the memory of the experience will stay with me forever. I wish I could say the solar plexus, the organ of the subconscious mind is back to normal but today she showed that uneasiness again. Guess it will now be a new normal which I would need to grow into.

5.    Be deliberate.    When you have purpose in life and align yourself with the Masters will it can and will happen.

6.    Desire.    A burning desire is very necessary to achieve any goal or dream. One must be very focus even in the face of adversity. Stay the course and stretch because the dream is within reach.

Stay the course, work the plan and realize your dream.

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One thought on “Week 1 Lessons I did not learn the first time

  1. I really enjoyed your post. Each of us has a different learning style. But comprehension is more enhanced when we concentrate with at least two of the senses. I am a visual learner. Do you know how you best learn?

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