Week 13 The Observer

About two months ago in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance we were introduced to the idea of giving no opinion, simply be the observer, not just the observer but the non-judgmental observer. Why non-judgmental? We all know that most of us may observe and then pass judgment in our minds? No one may have heard but the energy and time utilized here can be used for a greater purpose. I recall a similar exercise years ago when I took a class in spiritual science. I must say since that time I realize to some degree I have been an observer, but our assignment has deepened my understanding and awareness of the observer. Why non-judgmental? We all know that most of us if not all have an inner critic or inner observer that is always ready and willing to critique. No one may have heard but the energy and time utilized here can be used for a greater purpose. During stressful situations the mind quickly jumps into high gear ready and willing to rectify the situation but this is definitely the wrong prescription. To be in the observer seat is to relinquish control and experience the ride of a lifetime, that is certainly great news, that energy could be used for a greater purpose.
What is an observer? Or who is an observer? Webster describes an observer as a person who sees and notices someone or something. What have I seen and what have I noticed while in this awesome position of observing as we continue this exercise ten weeks later?
I am so glad you asked. The lessons were incredible. The observer position afforded me the opportunity to be present, to be in the now, to see, feel and experience the limitless power of God beyond what I can think, dream or even imagine. This power that is all knowing, available anytime, anywhere can assist with every dream and vision in other words. The power can co-create with me to see the dreams and visions all come to fruition. A short video from one of my teachers will explain the importance of being in the now.

As I continued the assignment there were many more lessons to learn:

1, The Sit-ins: This is one of the most important aspects of being an observer. It is here that revelations occur.
2. A deeper level of awareness and better understanding.
2. Clarity as it relates to all life situations.
3. The truth of any and every situation is revealed.
4. My constant companion, the inner observer whose habit was that of critiquing and commenting on everything all day long was now becoming more positive and optimistic. No more derogatory remarks. When the ugly remarks would show up I would thank my inner voice for sharing and choose a positive thought. (Law of Substitution). I have chosen over the last 2 months to turn my inner voice into an encourager, a cheer leader if you will.
5. When the holiday season was over a few questions came to mind as it relates to the observer? This was the real test as to whether I was observing my true behavior.
a) Am I accepting compliments with ease and grace?
b) Am I grateful when friends spend time with me?
c) Did I accept gifts with ease?
d) When I receive gifts, am I happy and grateful or am I thinking of the gift I should give in return.
In asking these questions I realize that this is part of observing and I recognize that to some degree I have been blocking my blessings.
Simple steps to become an excellent Observer
1. Check in and see where there is tension in the body.
2. Breathe in slowly and deeply.
3. Breathe into the feeling wherever it is located in the body and let and release the breath.
4. Notice the feeling – no judgment please
5. Continue breathing until there is a shift in the way you feel. Note the peaceful feeling.
Over the years I have heard there is power in silence this assignment has proved this statement very true. Be an observer, it maybe the keys to all success.

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