Week 14 Persistence

In the Mastermind Key Mastermind Alliance for 31 days we focused our attention on persistence, Scroll III of the Greatest Salesman in the World. Like food we have taken in this chapter three times a day for a total of ninety-three times for the month. In some instances some of us may have read it more than was required. This specific Scroll has given me renewed strength for my journey.
Mandino in his wisdom gives us the formula for success in Scroll 1 he lets us know that we are beginning a new life, yes there are lots of opportunities, there will be challenges but be patient because we are equipped with knowledge and instinct but we must develop good habits. In Scroll II he lets us know that we are to greet each day with love in our heart this quality alone will help us succeed and in Scroll III we must persist until, in order to succeed.
Why do we need this characteristic in business and in life? What is it about this characteristic which makes some give up and others continue with such dogged tenacity no matter what. What is it to persist? Webster defines to persist as to continue to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop.
In the movie October Sky, Homer is excited when he witnesses the launch of the Soviet Union Sputnik 1 orbiting the sky. A young man from Coalwood, Virginia, Homer is awestruck and now has a dream in his heart to build rockets, his father however has a different dream for him. Homer is aware that his father would prefer if he works in the coalmine as he and many others continue to do but Homer has a different vision for his life. He teams up with three friends with similar passion to builds rockets. He enters the school fair and is chosen to attend the National Science Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana. It should be noted that Homer experienced many failed attempts at building rockets. His project is a resounding success at the Fair. Ms. Riley his teacher has been a constant source of inspiration and support for the boys. After many challenges including their arrests the rocket boys continue to work on their passion. Their final launch is the rocket (Miss Riley named after their teacher) reached an altitude of 30,000 feet. Homer’s father showed up for the launch and was given the awesome opportunity of releasing the button for the launch. It is at this time that he is finally proud of his son having not supported him in the past. Homer showed us that it is possible to achieve ones dreams but we must persevere no matter what.

In preparation for stepping into uncharted waters the following steps will assist in staying persistent to achieve one’s dreams and goals.
1. It is never too late to go after one’s dreams and vision.
2. Set crystal clear goals. Be specific about the outcome. Write it down, just as we did in our Definite Major Purpose (DMP).
Make the commitment and go after it.
3. Stay focus.
4. Strategize to achieve the goal/dream. Make the plan and work the plan until.
5. Remember a team is vital to achieving the dream whether it is a mentor, coach or partner.

Remember a Mastermind group will assist in staying on course as it relates to creativity, encouragement, discipline and focus.

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