Week 2 The Journey Continues – Thinking & Thoughts

Our reading and studies this week takes us on the journey of thoughts and thinking. Haanel this week asked us to watch our thoughts. To assist us in learning this simple and effective lesson he asked that we sit in the same chair and in the same room. Could it be that Haanel knew it was difficult for us to sit still so he decides to offer us assistance? Sitting in the same room and the same chair reminds “subby” better known as the subconscious mind that you are serious in attaining this goal and “subby” begins to work to achieve the goal. Although “subby” is very helpful it does not mean that the individual can achieve his/her goal of no thoughts. It seems that more thoughts come at you than you ever thought possible. It is our job to recognize it and let it go and return to the task of no thoughts. This exercise seems very simple but I found it challenging. I understand that with practice I will eventually gain control of my thoughts and this will definitely be advantageous.
It is very important that we pay attention to the words we use on a daily basis as the subconscious mind cannot differentiate and may just run with the wrong thing which could reap havoc in our lives. The conscious mind or the gate keeper has the awesome responsibility of staying guard but there are times when the gate keeper does not have the control.
A couple months after relocating to the DMV area I feared getting sick and having no health insurance. I guess I held this thought in my consciousness for too long and it manifested itself. Be very careful what you expose “subby” to. Subby has no clue how to differentiate between good and bad. Feed him positive at all costs.
Another simple life lesson on thinking where we must be vigilant with our words is when we say the words “do not forget”. To say these words is to tell the person to forget to do whatever it is whether it is bring the newspaper or the medicine. The subconscious mind does not know the difference. On the other hand if you told the person remember the newspaper or the medicine they will remember the command.

Prior to Haanel the Bible thought us that we must always focus on the positive.  in Philipians 4:8,  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Changing ones thinking will change ones life.  Be blessed.

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6 thoughts on “Week 2 The Journey Continues – Thinking & Thoughts

  1. 10/11/14 9:19AM MST
    You are gaining So Much insight into your habits!! Yes, the subby does have a huge impact on us. The insights you learned in week 1 will “hold you up” as you use them to “mindfully” move forward…..I too find my mind wandering sometimes when sitting, but I am always energized and exhilarated with the thoughts of accomplishment and possibility….I pull myself back to maintain self-discipline, both acts I feel are purposeful and beneficial to me. Use your mind’s eye to gobble up all those temporary invaders which brought on physical ailment and see yourself standing strong and victorious, triumphantly accomplishing your tasks!! I agree words are very important and make a significant difference, making positive seeds in our brains thereby contributing to positive results!! Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. Wonderful blog entry. I also especially liked the reference to remembering instead of reminding not to forget. It really made me think about all the words that come out of mouth without thinking. Thanks!

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