Week 23 Finish Strong

Six months ago we all embarked on a journey. The journey called Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA). We looked at a couple videos and made the decision that we wanted to be part of this experience, what is interesting is we all started at what I will call different stages of growth in our lives but we knew we all wanted a better outcome than what we were experiencing in our personal and professional life. Each week we were given assignments to assist us to grow and become better thinkers and be self-directed. It was a progression which at times we may not have understood but we continued to follow the leaders knowing our futures were on the line. Some of us were met with roadblocks, forks in the road, detours but we were given tools so we made a way in order to get to the finish line, you know the line where the athletes throw their hands in the air signifying to themselves and the world I made it. Each of us runs our own race as we all have different aspirations but ……. sometimes we stumble close to the finish line; sometimes we fall and need assistance. Yes, we do and others who connect with us feel it and reach out. About three weeks ago I felt the challenges of work getting the best of me with not much energy to complete my MKMMA blogging assignments, it was not a great feeling I realize that it was necessary to speak with someone. I was at work when this thought crossed my mind I must reach out to my guide when I get home. Just before leaving work I received an email from my guide who was holding me in his thoughts. That’s a great connection, thank you Justin. We connected via telephone three days later and after our conversation just as he did in the email he urged me to finish strong. I have heard that statement many times before but this time it is different. I heard it from the fabulous Davene again this past Sunday when she urged us all to finish strong, Mark for the last couple of weeks has said the same thing. In urging us to finish strong I believe they know what’s ahead, they also understand most people as classes come to a close tend to relax. I recognize that it has been a progression, a buildup if you will and to relax now would be counterproductive. My determination and faith in a power greater than myself is giving me the strength to get to the finish line.

finishstrong              As I write I am reminded of the song “nobody told me the road will be easy but I can’t believe he brought me this far to leave me”. I wonder which one of us can say that it was easy, we each had our struggles and hurdles to climb but we know we have been prepared. Even the Master in 1 Corinthians 9:24 urges us to run the race.

In telling us to finish strong we are urged to go the extra mile become the hero of our own journey, continue being the observer, do the sit-in each day, read the Master key lessons daily, read Og Mandino’s The Greatest Miracle in the World, remember you are nature’s greatest miracle, use the Law of Least Effort and all the others too numerous to mention here.

In closing my fellow MKMMA classmates I wish you all much success as you near the finish line, stay focused and finish strong. We were given the tools, we invested our time and energy in creating our Definite Major purpose, remember the world is waiting for our service.

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