Week 3 You’ve got the power

The beginning of the week presented some challenges as it relates to sitting still. I believe unbeknownst to me I can only sit for 10 minutes despite the fact that I meditate for twenty minutes. There is nothing like practice or should I say just do it, do it., be sure you are doing it, whatever it is, do it correctly and before you know it ta da. It’s like magic.
Haanel ask that we sit completely still for fifteen minutes and inhibit all thought and relax the muscles. Wow that’s difficult, no thought, they run rampant in every one’s mind. No, they do not; one has to train one’s mind. We have the power in us to do this.  It is day four since I started week 3 and today I am elated. It gets better. There is a shift in my being. I can feel it. I am even more relaxed.
Og Mandino’s words are coming to life feeling like a new man. Yes, there have been changes from the first week but,  wow,  how it builds one week to the next. It’s a stair case one step at a time. There is a reason why we do one lesson at a time or only one is revealed to us. Yes, okay let me speak for myself I would have peaked down the road to see what comes next.  Can I say that is not always a good thing? The proof came this week. The Master key mastermind Alliance is a process, take your time and do the work and voila changes to mark the passage of time.
I agree with Mandino experience is overrated, because nature has supplied me with knowledge and instinct and that my friend is the greatest gift.  When I was very young I always wondered how my mom knew certain things, guess I did ask but did not get an answer or the answer did not please me. Can I tell you now I understand it is an inner knowing that knowing that cannot be explained not even if you tried?
The wizard told Dorothy she always had it in her. Like most of humanity she found the long way which was not necessary, what a time waster.  The master key system is enhancing the power that lies dormant in us and assisting us to bring it to life in order that we may live a full and successful life.
We all have it in us to become the best.  The movie “The Greatest with Muhammad Ali came to mind this week and particularly the theme song “I always knew I had it in me” by George Benson.

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