Week 4 – Guard your thoughts, guard your mind.

What a week! It is Sunday I am excited and ready to begin week 4 of MKMMA. I listen to the webinar,  yes I am excited but one thing caught my attention, no lots of things did but the word that I kept hearing was the word quit. I am not sure if that is the week when most quit whether mentally or physically and if that was the reason our coaches/guides brought it to our attention. The word troubled my spirit, why? Did the word bother me because I have quit things and projects before?  Was the intention to see how weak we were or whether or not we were going to stay the course? Was it to let us know this is a lot of work and some of us may let the ball drop for some of the assignments?
Well, this time was different for me the word quit made me dig deeper. I read Blueprint Builder, The Master Key – Part 4, and The Scroll 1 from “The Greatest Salesman in the World” more times each day if that was ever possible. I listened to the webinars at work.  Initially I felt the readings were too many and would not have had the time to get it all in. I recorded the Blueprint builder and The Scroll 1 and listened as I fell off to sleep at nights. Where did I find the time this week or even the strength? Maybe Haanel really spoke to me this week in lines 27 and 28 and I began building the mental strength.

27. From this it is evident that in order to express power, abundance or any other constructive purpose, the emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so that it will take form. How may this purpose be accomplished? This is the vital point; how may we develop the faith, the courage, the feeling, which will result in accomplishment?
28. The reply is, by exercise; mental strength is secured in exactly the same way that physical strength is secured, by exercise. We think something, perhaps with difficulty the first time; we think the same thing again, and it becomes easier this time; we think it again and again; it then becomes a mental habit. We continue to think the same thing; finally it becomes automatic; we can no longer help thinking this thing; we are now positive of what we think; there is no longer any doubt about it. We are sure; we know.

I used my time wisely as I was warned on Sunday of the percentages as it relates to quitting. I read on the 6 minutes train ride to and from work. I chose the bus ride over the train on some days as the bus ride is longer to and from my job. Why not ride the bus instead of the train so I can work on my subconscious mind, or as we in MKMMA call it “subby”. Yes I was reading more and although I had a new habit as we are now past the 21 day mark. It takes 21 days for a new habit to form. I allowed my emotions to play a little game one day and I got caught up in it. I got on the bus pulled out Part 4 of the Master Key and began to read and it hit me like a ton of bricks Haanel says “thought is energy and energy is power”. Why was I giving away my power?  I then remembered a quote from Louise Hay, “thoughts are things and things can be changed”. I changed my thoughts immediately and continued reading. Isn’t it great to know we can immediately think a new thought?  I wish I could say I had one emotional episode this week but that ‘s not true lots of things came up but I had the tools and I am better because of all the requirements of the Mastermind Alliance.
I will run on and see what the end of 26 weeks would look like, knowing that I can change my thoughts which will change my mind.

Yes we have the power!

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5 thoughts on “Week 4 – Guard your thoughts, guard your mind.

  1. Good read, Patricia. Changing for the better is such an awesome feeling. As you continue on your journey watch as more and more “cement” crumbles, and your authentic self shines through.

  2. Right On! We are what we will to be. When I’m feeling a little resistance to something (like taking a longer ride just for the fun of it) I try to remember to find that better feeling thought and let that grow in my mind until I have changed the things that thought becomes. Keep smiling, Nancy

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