Week 5 The Journey Continues with some rough spots.

When I learned meditation years ago one of the things we practiced was that of being an observer.  It is interesting this week session required us to be the observer, no opinions please.  The first two days I was totally aware each time I attempted to give an opinion.  It was not easy but I recognize the words about to spill out of my mouth and I very easily pull myself back. The challenge arose when I allowed my body to become so exhausted that I could not complete the required reading which created severe repercussions.  I was giving opinions and could not stop myself.  Maybe I had forgotten the mantra I coined last year. Never let the body become so exhausted that you cannot complete your daily rituals. Life showed up as I was now out of alignment with my mind therefore the body followed. Guess I could say now this stuff works or I would not have noticed the difference that quickly.  Well it did not take me long to get back on track to see the noticeable difference as this week comes to a close. My new mantra is stated in  Mandino Scroll 1 “good habits are the key to all success”. Things I needed to get affirmative answers on all worked out. Stay on track if you fall off, get up, dust yourself off and get right back in this great game of life.  When one allows a day or two without the evening reading lots of unwanted situations arise.

Stay on track.

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5 thoughts on “Week 5 The Journey Continues with some rough spots.

  1. Great reminders! I especially like, “Never let the body become so exhausted that you cannot complete your daily rituals.” I found myself in that situation several times this week, and missed some reads and sits. I feel the difference, and I like it better when it’s all done properly!

  2. I also found myself trying to play catch up. I also like what you said about not letting they body become so exhausted that you cannot complete your daily rituals. I took some time yesterday to get as current as possible so that the journey from this point forward will be more rewarding and not just a “checklist”. Thanks for your insight.

  3. Great blog. Appreciate your honesty! This week has had rough spots for me too and when I skipped exercises, I felt I was totally off track.. thankfully it seems we are back on track, both of us.. here’s to an amazing next week!

  4. Aloha Patricia,
    I love your post. That is great that you felt the difference from doing to not doing. I think in life generally we feel, know the difference when we decide to not do something, what ever that something may be. I had a few nights this week where I missed my night read because of physically being tired. And you are right, get up, dust our selves off and keep on going. Everything we do in Life is always work in progress. Since it is our old blueprint replaying history, I like to talk to my subconscious in honesty and say o.k. this is what happened, its not ok. and we keep on keeping on with our new direction, new Habits. Right on Patricia, we are all in it for the greater. You are doing awesome!

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