Week 7 The Mental Diet

One month prior to being introduced to Master Key Mastermind Alliance I retrieved my book “The Seven Day Mental Diet” from the shelf and placed it on the night stand.  My intention was quite clear when I placed the book on the night stand. I felt at that time that I needed to go on a mental diet, yes; I opened the book read a few lines and was completely distracted for a little over two months.  My spirit and mind knew I needed it but I neglected to feed my spirit. The universe was sure I needed a mental diet as I had lost focus. We are now in week 7 of Mastermind alliance (MKMMA) and there it is, my assignment 7-Day Mental Diet. The very thing that I neglected to do two months earlier was now in my face again but this time I had no excuses. My thanks to the creator for giving me a second chance to complete this assignment. Have you ever been there? The very thing that will take you to your next level in life you procrastinate with and delay your good.
I continued to feed my body healthy and nutritious meals, but the mind that was crying out for attention I neglected. The start of the mental diet was easy until I arrived at the airport on Sunday evening read a tweet and my mind began racing. The tweet spoke of a plane crash with someone I knew.  I could not control my thoughts and I was about to board a plane.  When I came to my senses I realize that I had disrupted my mental diet as I had entertained unsavory thoughts.
Emmet Fox is quite clear to tell us we can “hear disagreeable news perhaps by letter or telephone, or I will see crimes and disasters announced in the newspaper headings. These things do not matter as long as I do not entertain them”.  Entertain I did so I had to start again the next day.  Was it easier to stick with this mental diet as the week rolled on? Yes and no. Some days were easier than some. The key maybe to be vigilant and aware or as Og Mandino says in the Greatest Salesman, Scroll II, “zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. With practice just as I have mastered proper food intake (and yes I am laughed at, at work) I believe and know that I will achieve the same with the 7-Day Mental Diet.

Practice, practice, practice, one day at a time.

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8 thoughts on “Week 7 The Mental Diet

  1. Patricia, I am a culprit to procrastination as well, declining to do those things that will bring about our desired ourcome. Keep pressing on and practice, practice, practice, we’ll get there with the help of MKMKA

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